Introducing Massage Therapy Balls

January 02, 2017

Introducing Massage Therapy Balls

To promote complete health, ComfyComfy is excited to add massage therapy balls to our line of products.
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Why Should I Use Massage Therapy Balls?
Sleeping well energizes and rejuvenates the body and the mind, but our daily lifestyles can cause our muscles to get knotted and tight thereby causing pain and discomfort.
Massage Therapy Balls:
  • are an effective self-exercise aid that can strengthen muscles, open joints, increase spinal flexibility and stimulate blood flow
  • come in a variety of sizes and degrees of firmness to penetrate specific areas of the body
  • can be used at your convenience in your home, office or elsewhere
  • are recommended for anyone who suffers pain and stiffness from tension, working at a computer, driving, or participating in fitness training or sports
  • Note: Do not roll on spine
Our massage therapy balls come in different sets so you can choose on what you want to work on - upper body, lower body or entire body.
The self-massage routine is easy to learn and it's more affordable than a massage therapy session.
Upper Body Routine:
Lower Body Routine:
Foot Massage Routine:
 Body Massage Ball:
Body Massage Ball Techniques:
Using Different Types of Massage Balls:
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