Lumbar Pillow


The Lumbar Pillow is the perfect pillow to keep you supported while sitting. Whether you're working from home, driving a car, at the dinner table or lounging on the couch, place our moldable and supportive lumbar pillow on your back to support your spine and prevent slouching. Your body, especially your back, will thank you.

Unlike ergonomic chairs or backrests that have a pre-molded bump, which may not fit all users, our buckwheat hull filled lumbar pillow can be shaped perfectly, and moved higher or lower on the back to provide the most comfortable support for you.

  • Measures 11"x16"x2.5" 
  • Filled with 2.5 lbs of thoroughly cleaned, organic buckwheat hulls. Grown in Canada

  • Include a custom fitted outer zippered casing for $20
  • Outer casing made from 55% Hemp, 45% organic cotton
  • Machine wash in cold and hang to dry

Transform your lumbar pillow into a travel pillow with our Travel + Support package which includes the lumbar pillow, the lumbar pillow outer casing and a travel pillow pillowcase.

Lumbar Pillow has a rating of 4.4 stars based on 9 reviews.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
John D.
Wife bought 2 different Pillows

Wife bought 2 different Pillows she likes them both .

Best Lumbar Pillow!

I love this pillow for lumbar support! I've used it when at work and school and it has saved my back in those uncomfortable chairs that don't have good support. I love how you can customize it and take out the hulls to your liking. Great job on this one Comfy Comfy!

Marie-Francoise D.
You forgot to add a

You forgot to add a little bag of more seeds.

Hello Marie!
I'm sorry for the confusion, but the Lumbar Pillow doesn't come with extra hulls.

Tatcha F.
Great Pilllows

I have been using buckwheat pillows for 20 years and I just ordered new ones. They are amazing quality and the small pillow is going to be perfect for travel. I keep it on the couch for when I want to nap.

Great lumbar pillow for lower back pain

I've always had lower back pains, probably from wearing heels in my 20s. I've tried many different towels and pillows to support my back and none of them worked. This lumbar pillow fits my back perfectly. I like how the buckwheat hulls allow me to maneuver the pillow to the exact position to fit the curve of my back. Great for watching TV and nursing. Can't wait to take this on long haul flights (when we can travel again).