ComfyBaby Buckwheat Hull Nursing Pillow

ComfyBaby Buckwheat Hull Nursing Pillows are designed so that both mommy and baby are supported and comfortable during nursing.

Buckwheat Hulls versus Other Fillers

At ComfyComfy Canada, we know that buckwheat hulls make the best sleeping pillows because they are moldable and supportive. Just what you need to get that perfect sleep, and for the same reasons, they make a great filler for nursing pillows as well!

Buckwheat hulls

Just as the ComfySleep Pillow can be shaped to properly support you at night, the ComfyBaby can be shaped to offer both mommy and baby with the perfect support and stability while nursing.

The ComfyBaby can also be used to keep baby from rolling around on a flat surface (supervision is always required, of course.) As baby gets older and is ready to start sitting, the nursing pillow offers the perfect cushion of support.

The 100% cotton twill cover is removable and can be tossed into the washing machine to be washed.

When baby gets old enough and doesn't nurse anymore, other nursing pillows get stored in the closet or tossed into the trash, but the ComfyBaby can be transformed into a ComfySleep Pillow by purchasing one of the Grow With Baby packages, which includes a ComfyBaby nursing pillow and a ComfySleep casing. Simply transfer the buckwheat hulls from the ComfyBaby into the casing and you'll have a pillow for when baby grows older or one for yourself! After all, you deserve a good night's rest after all those sleepless nights of nursing. (pillows aren't recommended for children under the age of 2.)

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