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ComfyComfy Fully Supported Bundle

Do you sometimes sleep on your back and sometimes on your side? If yes, then this package is for you. You'll be fully supported no matter how you sleep! When sleeping on your side, you can use the other pillow as an anchor to keep your spine straight. When sleeping on your back, you can use the other pillow to put under your knees so your back doesn't lift off the bed so your spine stays straight. 

The ComfyNeck also acts as a great pillow to stack on your ComfySleep to get enough loft while reading or using your tablet in bed. Alternatively, you can put one behind your back and the other one on your lap. Play around with them and find the perfect support no matter what position you're in!

Package includes:

ComfySleep Pillow + ComfyNeck Pillow + 1 Fitted Organic Cotton Pillow Case for each pillow (2 in total)

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