Q: Is the pillow washable?


A: The pillow shell is washable. Just keep in mind that because it's made of 100% cotton, it will shrink a bit. If you use a pillow case to protect it like you would any other pillow, then you might not even have the need to clean the shell. However, if you choose to, be sure to remove all the buckwheat hulls before doing so, and to make sure the pillowcase is completely dry before replacing the hulls. The buckwheat hulls shouldn't be washed in water, but could be freshened up just by leaving them outside in the sunlight for a few hours. 

Q: Does the buckwheat have a smell?


A: Our buckwheat is thoroughly cleaned so there is no noticeable smell when you are sleeping on the pillow. Moreover, the sturdy cotton twill we use to make the pillow shell keeps everything contained. If you open up the pillow and directly smell the buckwheat hulls, some people are able to notice a faint, earthy smell. 

Q: How long does the pillow last?


A: Much longer than a traditional pillow would. With good care, the pillow will last most people around 10 years or more. Of course, this will vary depending on how you use it (pillow fights, fort building, etc.). Over time, the hulls will begin to settle and you'll find that they will have become more compact. Although it will still offer the same support, you may feel that there are less hulls in your pillow. That is why we fill the pillows with extra hulls so you can remove some when you first receive it and keep the rest to refill as needed. If the time comes when you run out of hulls, don't worry! We sell them separately so you can re-freshen your pillow whenever you feel the need to .

Q: How are the buckwheat hulls cleaned?


A: After the buckwheat is harvested, the buckwheat hulls are separated from the inner seed, called the groat. Then the hulls are cleaned by a series of screens and forced air to remove dust and fragments. No chemicals are used in this process. 

Q: I have never tried a buckwheat pillow before. What if I don't like it?


A: That isn't a problem! Our standard 30 day return policy means that you can return your pillow for any reason during that period. So don't be worried to try out the pillow.

Q: Why the different pillow sizes? Which one is for me?


A: Check out our handy chart, right here!

Have any other questions? Please don't hesitate to ask us!