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Latest ReviewsHeadachesNeck PainBack SupportSleep ApneaShoulder PainStaying Cool

Latest Reviews


Latest ReviewsHeadachesNeck PainBack SupportSleep ApneaShoulder PainStaying Cool

Best pillow ever!!!! I have suffered from chronic migraines and neck pain for years. After sleeping on this pillow, I have not had a single migraine since. My neck pain improved considerably after just one night. As a therapist, I understand the importance of cervical alignment and keeping the spine in a neutral position. I have tried every pillow out there and have received the best neck support with this product. The buckwheat "sound" does not bother me at the least.

-Therapy mom

I was troubled for years with neck pain and related head aches. Since switching to this pillow, nearly all of my neck pain and related head aches have subsided. I feel more rested and relaxed during the day. This pillow does not feel soft...so at first, it doesn't appear that it would be comfortable, but since it cannot be compressed, it provides a perfectly adjustable head height when sleeping. Especially good for side sleepers who like to keep an arm under their pillow. Excellent quality.

-C. Buxton

I am absolutely in love with this pillow! I suffer from neck pain and migraines and I'm finding this pillow supportive and much more comfortable to sleep on. I read a lot of reviews before purchasing and although this pillow does make sound, it's not much since you find a comfortable spot to stay in! I would highly recommend this pillow to anyone!

-Holly W.

Love my buckwheat pillow.. I had it for about 3 months now and love it. It is NOT noisy at all. It stays in the same spot all night and there is no tossing and turning!. I have no more headaches when I wake up. My husband wants to buy one for himself too. It is very comfortable and just the right height for my head. I sleep mostly on my side and you can mold it however it feels best for you. That is the greatest. When I lay on my back, it's perfectly molded for my head. Highly recommend

-Angie C.

Took a few nights to get used to the firmness and noise, but has been working wonders since. I suffer from tension headaches and they have been so much better since getting one of these pillows! My husband is now hooked too :)


Neck Pain

Latest ReviewsHeadachesNeck PainBack SupportSleep ApneaShoulder PainStaying Cool

I have a chronic neck pain for long time. I have try many different pillows and money wasted. I just have this Comfy Pillow for a week and my neck pain is gone. I like the idea of having extra buckwheat for fine adjustment. Thanks for the Comfy sleep.

-Paul C.

I had a buckwheat pillow many years ago (different brand, lower quality.). I am still,after many years, having neck issues. Saw the website & decided to go for it. No regrets. It's like finding an old friend, but better. I like that you can add or subtract the filling & that it can be washed. Thank you, Comfy Comfy.

-Joyce B.

These pillows are great. Molds totally to the contours of my head and neck giving total support and allows my neck muscles to relax. I highly recommend this pillow!

-Genene G.

I bought this instead of a memory foam mostly because of reviews online that showed buckwheat pillows were great for back sleepers and they don't retain as much heat. I've only had it for a couple weeks but, so far, my neck feels better than ever! The sound problem doesn't phase me like some have mentioned but I generally sleep pretty still once I find my sweet spot. Only drawback is it takes a little time to get used to since it's more firm than your average pillow and you kind of have to fluff/adjust the shells more often. So far though, best sleeping investment I've made.


I have spent a lot of money on pillows over the years and decided to try a little something different. Saw the reviews on this pillow and decided to give it a try and I am so glad I did. I definitely do not have as much back and neck pain.

-Lynn W.

Best pillow I have every purchased. It is much harder than I was use to but it holds it shape great. The buckwheat makes it easy to conform to your head and neck. It has really helped with my stiff neck as it offers great support.


Comfortable and well made pillow. I don't get neck problems anymore.

-Paul D.

I read all the reviews before buying this pillow, and am very happy I went forward. As others have said, the pillow is filled with bean-like buckwheat so it makes some noise as you move around. But once you plump it and shape it the way you like, you are set for the night! I highly recommend this pillow for anyone who has trouble with neck and shoulder stiffness and/or falling asleep and staying asleep. My daughter laid down on the pillow just to try it out and was very surprised at how comfortable she felt. And I don't smell anything from the buckwheat filling.

-Marcia C.

Great pillow,I have used buckweat pillows for 10 yrs,but after a road trip in 2012 on which I left my pillow in a motel room I decided to try some of the foam pillows that are available.BIG mistake, I've tried memory foam,latex foam,and even a water pillow.Neck pain and sleepless nights ensued.After this failed experiment I purchased this pillow & I love it! If you have not tried one before it will take a little time to get used to it, but once you do you wont go back to your old pillow.

-Carolyn M.

This pillow really helps my wife with her neck pain. We actually fight over who gets to use it! We should probably just get another one. Great product!


At first I was concerned, the pillow was smaller than I am used too, it is not as thick, it was heavy, and kind of loud when I turned my head. However, one night sleeping on it and I knew it was a great pillow because in the morning my neck felt much better than my previous pillow. It seems the thickness for me is perfect, and the support is just right, so I just sleep better and wake up feeling better.


This is an miracle pillow for me. I used to have severe neck pain every morning when I wake up from bed and I tried different pillow nothing worked for me. This is the only pillow which made my neck to align in comfortable position and had a nice sleep in 2 years. When it arrived, I thought it would be too firm for my neck and I tried with taking risk, first day: 50% of my pain gone and second day:80% gone. I am using it for almost a week, I am having great relief and would recommend to anyone who has neck and shoulder pain. If you are looking for feather soft pillow, this won't work for you. I am back and also side sleeper and I sleep on medium firm mattress and it perfectly works for me.


I absolutely love my new buckwheat pillow from ComfyComfy! I've suffered from chronic neck pain and stiffness due to sports injuries for the last 5 years, making falling asleep difficult, and waking up much worse. Standard American pillows don't support my side-sleeping, slowly compacting through the night. However, as soon as I got my ComfyComfy buckwheat pillow, all that changed. As soon as I lay my head down, I know I will fall asleep within 5 minutes. Other brands of buckwheat pillows are small and too dense, but ComfyComfy's pillow is perfect. Thank you, ComfyComfy for changing the way I sleep!


After much research and far too many nights of restless sleep and morning soreness, I purchased this pillow. So far, I am 100% satisfied. After adjusting the amount of kernels to my desired level, I test drove it expecting the worst and hoping for the best. I now fall asleep quicker, and wake up fewer times in the middle of the night. Perfect pillow for back sleepers looking for the proper support.


This pillow is amazing! I first heard about the benefits of a buckwheat husk pillow from my chiropractor's office. I work at a computer all day and have neck strain. Prior to ordering this pillow it would take me a while to settle in for sleep while frequently changing positions to keep my neck and shoulders comfortable. Since using this new pillow I sleep SO comfortably and my neck feels great! Thank you for a well made and truly amazing product!

-Cheryl R.

I had continuous neck pain and, when rolling onto my side, my arm kept falling asleep. I just couldn't find a pillow that worked for me. All of those problems were solved with this pillow. It takes a minute to get used to upon first laying down, but you'll have an incredible sleep and wake up feeling pain-free.


Back Support

Latest ReviewsHeadachesNeck PainBack SupportSleep ApneaShoulder PainStaying Cool

Best pillow I've ever used! It is quite firm, but can be adjusted by removing some hulls. I got one to replace a very expensive foam pillow that started to get soft. I let my wife, who has a surgical back, try it. And... she now owns it. I'm definitely ordering another one! Don't let the price of this excellent pillow scare you, it is well worth the money. Highly recommended!!!

-Marcus H.

I am very happy with this purchase. I have had neck problems for about 12 years, ever since a slipped disc followed by a discectomy and fusion surgery. I have slept 2 nights with this pillow and feel a tremendous difference already. It is very supportive and molds to fit my head and neck. The first time I laid on it, I did notice the noise from the hulls. But it really did not bother me at all or interfere with my sleeping. My son commented that it smelled good, like tea. I will update this post in a few weeks. I am hoping that my neck pain and tension will be alleviated by using this pillow.


I must admit that I was skeptical that this pillow would be as good as the reviews - it is better! I've been suffering with neck and back issues for about a month and finally decided to try a new pillow. I ordered several (simulated down, memory foam, and buckwheat). This one wins hands down. First of all, it has absolutely no smell (the memory foam one triggered an allergic reaction). It stays cool and offers great support for side sleeping. It's kind of like a bean bag chair pillow. It's really heavy, but it allows you to arrange the contents to fit your sleep position (sometimes I sleep on my arm, sometimes not) - I can use the pillow no matter my sleep position. Within the week, my neck and back pain subsided. Thanks for the wonderful pillow.

-H. Hermanson

This is the best pillow I've ever had, hands down. Like most other folks writing reviews, neck/back pain and side sleeping are tricky to accommodate. This pillow does the job with flying colors. I was concerned about a few things - the noise. Not an issue for me, there is some slight noise but it is truly nominal. I was also concerned about the smell. Also not an issue for me, if anything the slight earthy smell is comforting. I'd heard that most of these types of pillows are tiny. I'm not a small woman so I wanted to ensure I had something of substance. I bought the larger size and think the smaller size would have also met my needs. Finally, I wasn't sure what buckwheat would *feel* like. I adore being able to put my head down, have it feel relatively cool, and not have to constantly beat the pillow to get it to be supportive. I lay on it, adjust it where it feels comfortable, and the darn thing STAYS. Absolutely freaking glorious!


I have cervical and thoracic spine issues and for quite some time would wake up hurting each morning. My chiropractor actually recommended a buckwheat husk pillow, so I searched online and found this one and immediately ordered it. It arrived promptly and was exactly as described. Within 1 wk, I was resting better and my pain level was almost to 0. I am a back sleeper, so the 'noise' of the husks is not an issue. I had to sleep a few nights without it and my pain level shot back up. I don't plan on being without it again.


Sleep Apnea

Latest ReviewsHeadachesNeck PainBack SupportSleep ApneaShoulder PainStaying Cool

This pillow is absolutely incredible. I have Sleep Apnea and I use a CPAP machine and the pillow was surprisingly great for it. Maybe because I was just more stable and not sinking into a pillow, but whatever the reason, it is a great pillow even for someone with a CPAP machine.


This product has been miraculous for me. I have suffered from neck pain after being hit by a truck in 1997. Since that time, I had awakened every morning with a stiff neck. I had tried a number of different memory foam pillows, including one prescribed by my doctor. The very first night that I slept on it, I woke up the next morning pain free for the first time in years. I am a side sleeper and also wear a c-pap and my mask stays on better. I ordered one for my wife also and she is crazy about it. This pillow is incredibly comfortable and worth every penny.

-The Bah

Shoulder Pain

Latest ReviewsHeadachesNeck PainBack SupportSleep ApneaShoulder PainStaying Cool

I can't say enough about this pillow... For me, it's the ULTIMATE healer and the ULTIMATE in comfort! After years of continuous neck and shoulder pain and trying so many different pillows, I only wish I would have come across your pillow long ago. I noticed a huge difference within the first week of use, the pain had subsided and now all the stiffness in my neck is completely gone! I stand by this pillow and will recomend it to anyone!


This is an miracle pillow for me. I used to have severe neck pain every morning when I wake up from bed and I tried different pillow nothing worked for me. This is the only pillow which made my neck to align in comfortable position and had a nice sleep in 2 years. When it arrived, I thought it would be too firm for my neck and I tried with taking risk, first day: 50% of my pain gone and second day:80% gone. I am using it for almost a week, I am having great relief and would recommend to anyone who has neck and shoulder pain. If you are looking for feather soft pillow, this won't work for you. I am back and also side sleeper and I sleep on medium firm mattress and it perfectly works for me.


Yes, there is a slight crunchy texture, but maybe we were meant to sleep with some natural materials... It's been three weeks since the pillow arrived and I was waking up before with a sore shoulder and slightly stuffed up. Both symptoms have disappeared. Placebo effect--who knows? But that three weeks was worth the money alone and I expect to keep with it as long as it continues to do right by me. You can pretty much shape it to whatever thickness you prefer. It's heavy, yes, but a standard cotton pillowcase works fine with it and I'm quite happy to be rid of special contoured foam and other pillows made from lovely petrochemicals. Dormez-vous.

-G. Nickson

Staying Cool

Latest ReviewsHeadachesNeck PainBack SupportSleep ApneaShoulder PainStaying Cool

Have been sleeping on the buckwheat pillow for several weeks and may never use the other type again. No more head sweats, just great sleep. This is a high quality product and I would highly recommend to anyone who likes natural products indtead of synthetic. Thank you for expediting my order so quickly!

-Caroline M.

After years of synthetic pillows that go flat, are lumpy and hot, I decided to try your buckwheat pillows. My husband and I absolutely love them! I find mine very comfortable, and it allows me to "keep a cool head". There's no going back now... we are "converts"!

-Elly V.

I thought I had the best with the memory foam pillows but this pillow exceeds my expectations. I have arthritis in my neck and this pillow has been a great help. I don't wake up with my neck hurting. Another decided plus is the fact that the pillow does not retain heat....so great for these hot summer months. Other people have commented negatively on the noise but it has not bothered me. I will continue using only this pillow, At the same time I purchased the Bucky pillow as a knee wedge and that has also proved beneficial for my back.


The 15x26 buckwheat pillow is a perfect size. I've used a buckwheat pillow for about 10 years now. They keep your head cool at night and I even have a smaller one that I travel with. The company I bought from before went out of business and I was happy to find this company. The pillow is nicely filled and very well made. Love me some buckwheat!


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