ComfyNeck + Pillowcase - Organic Buckwheat Hull Cervical Neck Roll Pillow

  • Cylindrical shape is ideal for side sleepers.
  • Great for propping behind back for support.
  • Filled with certified organic buckwheat.
  • Casing made from durable, 100% organic ComfyWeave cotton twill.
  • 100% organic cotton washable outer case.
  • Zippered opening allows for addition or removal of buckwheat.
  • Breathable so that you sleep cool. 

The ComfyNeck is a cervical neck roll pillow which provides exceptional head and neck support, ensuring a restful night's sleep. The cylindrical design provides additional loft when compared to a standard rectangular pillow. This is especially important for side sleepers, who have more space between their head and the mattress.

ComfyNeck measures 19" x 7". Filled with 5 lbs of buckwheat hulls. Includes 100% cotton outer case, cream colour.

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