Weighted Heat Therapy Wrap - Organic Flaxseed (Double-Sided)

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The Heat Therapy Wrap will be your new best friend! Not only will it keep you warm during cold Canadian winters, it’s comfortably weighted so you’ll feel enveloped in a nice warm hug. Simply pop the Heat Therapy Wrap into the microwave, drape it around your neck, and feel the pain, tension, anxiety, and stress melt away. The design of the wrap keeps it from falling off your shoulders, so you can continue doing all of your daily activities and be cocooned in warmth at the same time. Lay it on your, lap, legs and even your tootsies to keep them toasty warm while you're using the computer, watching TV or sleeping (trust us, you'll fall asleep in no time.) Use under a blanket for even longer lasting heat and comfort!

  • Filled with 3 lbs of 100% organic flaxseed - just enough weight to comfortably hug the shoulders
  • Measures a generous 7" x 36" and drapes well even on broader shoulders
  • Stays warm for approximately an hour or even longer under blankets
  • Drape around shoulders and neck at home or at office to stay warm and relax tight muscles
  • Can be repeatedly warmed + cooled for years of enjoyment
  • Handmade in Canada
*Limited stock available for each print.
*Print placement may vary.
*Flaxseed wraps are made to order and can take up to 1 week to be produced. If you need it sooner, please contact us before ordering.

*If a print you're looking for is out of stock, please message us and we can double check to see if we have any in the workshop

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How to Use:

The first time - In the microwave, heat the wrap on a plate for 2 minutes. If more heat is desired, continue heating in 30 seconds intervals until the heat wrap is the right temperature for you. Note the duration for the next time you heat it. Test temperature before using.

To re-heat a warm heat wrap - Heat in microwave in 1 minute intervals.

Never exceed 3 minutes of heating. This may cause the cloth or flaxseeds to burn. Use caution as overheating may create a fire hazard.

To cool, place in a plastic bag in the freezer for 2-4 hours before use.

Tip: put on a plate to avoid dirtying the wrap with food from microwave.

*Do not overheat.

*Only to be heated in a microwave. Always supervise while heating the heat pad.

*Loosely roll the wrap up to be microwaved. Rolling it up too tightly could cause it to overheat.

*Ensure that the microwave glass plate is spinning to avoid a single spot from overheating.

*Do not leave unsupervised with children under 3.

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      I have arthritis in my neck and the warmer has been so helpful in reducing my pain that I use it everyday. Love the softness of the material and weight of the flaxseeds. - Lisa W