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Back Sleeper Pillow - Organic cervical buckwheat hull pillow

5 reviews
$49 CAD
Measures 14" x 5". Filled with 2.5 lbs organic Canadian-grown buckwheat hulls
  • SUPERIOR SUPPORT - The ComfyComfy Back Sleeper buckwheat pillow is specifically designed to support the needs of a back sleeper. The cylindrical shape comfortably cradles the neck, and the lower loft is perfect for supporting the slight curve at the back of the neck. The cylindrical shape also prevents the hulls from shifting too much during sleep. Once you form the hulls into the correct position for your body, your head and neck will be kept in an ergonomic position.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE TO FIT YOUR BODY - Our pillows will mold and arrange to perfectly fit your unique body. A flush zipper allows buckwheat hulls to be removed for a flatter and looser pillow, or added for a higher and firmer pillow.
  • BREATHABLE FOR COOL SLEEPING - The 3D structure of buckwheat hulls do not compact and allows air to flow throughout the pillow. Air flow will help keep your head cool on warm nights and dispel any moisture from your head and pillow.
  • MADE IN CANADA - The certified organic buckwheat hulls in all ComfyComfy pillows are grown in Canada, and are air cleaned. Made with durable organic cotton twill grown and woven in the USA. Handmade in Canada.
  • BACK SLEEPER PILLOW Measures 14" x 5". Filled with 2.5 lbs organic Canadian-grown buckwheat hulls. Add Custom-sized organic cotton envelope style pillowcase for an extra $15.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Selah Milavec

Fast Shipping. Great quality pillow.

Erin Lee
love it

I have been replacing my pillows but finally found the one. Very reasonably priced for what you get! I love it and I probably need to take some buckwheat out to perfectly fit for my neck but it's shapeable, firm and awesome. I don't wake up with neck pain anymore! will definitely buy more down the load.




Comfortable and compact!


this is the second pillow i got from comfycomfy cause my partner took my other one, ha. this one is perfect for me cause im a back sleeper and this offers better neck support than the regular big pillows (the shape and size of this reminds me of the old ceramic pillows in ancient china). the price is also reasonable and you get the benefit of this lasting longer than a regular pillow plus it's made in canada. it's small, but it does the job and unlike the larger buckwheat pillows, this one's a lot lighter and you can use it to prop up your head when you're sitting up against the headboard.

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