Why Organic Cotton?

One year ago, we proudly announced that all of our ComfySleep pillows would be made from 100% organic cotton, and today, we still stand by our belief that going organic is the right choice for our small business.

Why Should It Matter If the Pillow I'm Using is Made From Organic Materials or Not?

At first, the impact of using organic cotton isn't obvious, but if you examine it in more depth you'll realize that it matters in a lot of ways.

1. As you may already know, we spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping so you spend a lot of your time with your head on your pillow. Think about what you may be inhaling, and what your skin may be absorbing if you're lying on a pillow that isn't completely chemical free. 

According to the Soil Association:

2. 16% of the world's insecticides and 10% of total pesticides are used in producing cotton the conventional way. This doesn't just harm us, but also farmers, workers and wildlife as well.

3. They also state the the production of organic cotton uses less water and energy, cutting the emissions of greenhouse gases by 94%.

4. Organic cotton factories are regulated and are inspected regularly which means that is no forced labour or child labor, which isn't the case for conventional factories.

5. When a fabric is GOTS certified, the use of harmful chemicals is prohibited, and waste water must be treated, so workers and their water supplies are protected.

6. Unlike products made from GOTS certified cotton, tests of clothes made from non-organic cotton shows traces of toxic dyes that could be absorbed into the skin that could cause allergies, rashes and respiratory problems. 

Have a look at the infographic from the Soil Association to find out more:



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