ComfyComfy Buckwheat Pillows Highly Ranked on Sleep Like the Dead

Claire from ComfyComfy in the USA recently blogged about how our ComfySleep pillows are highly ranked on Sleep Like the Dead, and we wanted to share this wonderful news with you! 

Sleep Like the Dead is an independent group that reviews all things having to do with sleep - including buckwheat pillows. ComfySleep pillows are listed as a top-rated buckwheat pillow, with high consumer satisfaction ratings. Thank you Sleep Like the Dead!

The main strength of buckwheat pillows is their supportiveness and adjustability. (Adding or removing hulls adjusts the loft.) These features tend to result in above average neck pain relief. In addition, the pillows tend to not trap heat.

                                                                                                                 — Sleep Like the Dead

Twenty aspects are reviewed, including (but not limited to): supportiveness, cuddliness, sleep position friendliness, and owner satisfaction. See full review here.


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