Help! I'm Travelling and I Forgot to Bring My Buckwheat Pillow!

So far, this has never happened to me. I have always made sure that no matter where I go, if I'm going to be staying the night, then I have my ComfyTravel buckwheat pillow with me, but somehow, during my frantic last minute packing, I forgot to bring it this time and boy do I regret it!

The place that we're staying at is beautiful! Everything is well appointed and lovely, but it's just those pillows that just don't give the proper support that are making this vacation slightly less enjoyable than it could be.

Absolutely beautiful bedroom!

Absolutely beautiful bedroom!

There were two kinds of pillows on the bed, but unfortunately, neither of them gave the proper support.

The Solution?

Using a rolled up towel as a substitute for a pillow.

Fold the towel in half and roll up all the way for extra loft. You can even use two towels if you sleep on the side and have broad shoulders!

I sleep on my back and the curvature of my neck is really shallow so I didn't need that much towel under my neck, so I unrolled the towel halfway.

The bump supports the hollow of your neck.

Rest your head on the flat part above the bump.

And there you have it, a makeshift supportive pillow for those unfortunate times when you forget to bring your buckwheat pillow with you when you travel. 

Sleep comfy!



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