Comfykids buckwheat pillow for little heads

After having our first child last year, the people we started seeing more and more of were parents, and after finding out that our family business makes and sells pillows, we were often asked why we didn’t create a ComfyComfy pillow for children. So, after a lot of thought, we came up with our ComfyKids pillow which is the perfect size for little heads.

As parents now, we feel strongly about keeping our child safe from harmful chemicals, and that is why we are very proud to introduce the ComfyKids pillow to our line. It is made from completely organic materials (except for the zipper, which is metal,) so parents can sleep easy knowing that their child’s pillow is chemical free!

Using the same thick, and breathable and soft ComfyWeave certified-organic fabric that we use for our other ComfyComfy pillows, we are able to ensure that the pillow keeps all the hulls contained well, and that nothing pokes through.




The hulls that are used to fill the pillow are also certified organic. They are grown free from pesticides, and are cleaned thoroughly using forced air. They are not roasted or treated in any way.

For the finishing touch, we searched for whimsical and eye-catching organic fabrics that would appeal to children, but would also be approved by parents for being chemical-free.


Surprisingly, many of the kids we’ve given them too like to cuddle the as well, even though they are by no means “cuddly” in the traditional sense!

Correct sleeping posture should be promoted when young so that it develops into a good habit, and can hopefully eliminate those neck pains and headaches associated with poor sleeping posture when they get older!




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