Sleep issues? A buckwheat pillow can help you sleep better

One of the reasons so many Canadians love our buckwheat pillows is because they have been able to find relief from many issues and sleep better. 

Are you experiencing any of these issues? 


Read how our buckwheat pillows have helped these customers sleep better and feel better!

 Neck pain

"I have tight neck muscles most of the time due to the type of work I do. With other pillows the tightness never went away just made it worse. After about a week or two using this pillow my neck isn't hurting. when I wake up and if I come home with neck pain by morning it's gone away."

- Madsen

Back pain

"After using this pillow for about one month, there has been a noticeable reduction in the amount of discomfort in my shoulders, neck and upper back. I followed the advice on the website, and paid particular attention to the 'How to Know if Your Buckwheat Pillow is Filled Correctly' video, which seemed to be very helpful in my case."

-Janet C.


"I absolutely love this pillow!! I have been having tension headaches and decided to give a buckwheat pillow a try. And no disappointments! I love how perfectly it conforms to my head and neck. It’s also very cool that they include extra buckwheat hulls in order to make the pillow perfect!"

- Miranda H.

Difficulty sleeping with a CPAP machine

"It can take some people a few times to get used to this pillow, but I loved it right away. It is so nice to not have my CPAP pushed awkwardly in my face. I can just create a little hollow for it to sit and it's perfect!"

- John B

 Stiff neck

"Finally a solid nights sleep and no stiff neck in the morning."

- Debbie W

Sinus issues

"Love this pillow. Free breathing restored! It is beautifully made, and a great comfort."

- Jesse F.

Sleeping hot

"I bought 2 of your pillows but had to wait until Christmas as 1 was a gift for my husband. I slept through the night 2 nights in a row! My husband woke up on Boxing Day with dry hair! He often changes pillowcases during the night due to sweating. He has added the extra buckwheat hulls for a firmer pillow. The old sweat stained pillow is in the garbage. I’m thinking of ordering the body roll pillow as I love my new pillow so much!!!

- Margo K

 Hot flashes

"How wonderful to be sleeping on these pillows again. I wandered to bamboo and then asked why? Back to total comfort and nature. As long as Comfy Comfy is open I will have wonderful sleep. Buckwheat pillows are excellent for menopausal night sweats. Your head is cool and your neck is dry."

- Debra F.

"... Now the true beauty of this pillow is in its natural cooling ability. I bought it hearing from sleep experts that the buckwheat hulls are a nice natural way to stay cooler sleeping and with menopause hitting me hard with the sudden night sweats I was looking for help.

So I bought two thinking I would need to trade them out after each hot flash but immediately my temperature was kept more manageable. Your head doesn't sink into this pillow like chipped foam or down or feathers, it's cradled comfortably and stays cooler sitting on top. Also the hulls must release your body heat faster because it reduced my full on body sweats .

After a week of using the buckwheat hull pillow I thought I would go back to my other favourite pillow, but halfway through the night it was thrown aside as it was too hot and now damp - and then I realized just how much of a difference in temperature and natural breathing ability it had. Pus I now know how to push and shuffle in divots instantly to give me absolute custom comfort, it's now my main pillow. Before I purchased this pillow I looked at other cooling pillows- synthetic gels or substances which I did not want to contribute into supporting . Plus I feel good about supporting a business that has its roots in Canada. I love that and am happy to support a business that is making a great product with a natural and sustainable material. I highly recommend trying these beautifully supportive and naturally cooling pillows! Don't let the weight of them scare you off!"

-Carmen W.


"Best pillow ever!! I was having vertigo due to my neck issue but ever since I got this pillow my neck has been so much better and no more vertigo. This was life changing and I’m so happy I bought this pillow."

- Caitlin M.

 Tossing and turning

"Fantastic pillow. I had really bad neck pain and since I got the pillow, the pain has been minimal. Plus my sleep has been more deep and I wake up less throughout the night. Would absolutely recommend."

- Suzie P.


"I am a rotational sleeper (side, back, front) and finding a pillow that works with that is hard enough. Add in with that, TMJ issues and shoulder tendonitis, and no pillow ever seemed to work. I was living with worse and worse pain while spending too much money on too many pillows. I read a review on buckwheat pillows and decided to give it a try. I am so glad I did. Within a week my neck went from nearly locked muscles to near normal mobility. Within two weeks my TMJ issues had reduced by about 60% and I had stopped night clenching. Best of all, the pillow feels great, adjusts to my movement at night, and smells wonderful. I have not slept this well in years. I definitely recommend this pillow."

- Miranda H.

 Ear pain with other pillows

"I'm a side sleeper, and I get ear pain each night. I have tried several different pillows, including pillows with holes for the ear. Nothing worked. This is the best solution I have found! The buckwheat is so shapeable that I can easily and quickly maneuver it to support my neck while creating space for my ears as I change positions throughout the night. Love that it's natural and organic. Excellent product!"

- Amanda B

Ready to see if our buckwheat pillows can help you sleep better at night and wake up feeling better in the mornings?

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