Tips on how to sleep better on a buckwheat pillow

A buckwheat pillow is very unique in that you can shape it into whatever position feels comfortable for you.
Here are some tips on how to better achieve a comfortable and ergonomically correct sleeping position.

Before you sleep on your new buckwheat pillow

Keep in mind that what you are trying to achieve with your ComfyComfy buckwheat pillow is a position where your neck and your spine is aligned so that your neck is not bent and strained. You want the pillow to support your neck properly so that you can fully relax.
Before you first sleep on your buckwheat pillow, follow these steps to see if you need to adjust the buckwheat filling:
1. Put your buckwheat pillow on your bed and lie on it like how you normally would.
2. If your neck is bent towards the ceiling then that means there's too much hulls. If your neck is bent towards the bed, then there isn't enough.
3. Add or remove hulls until you have reached the correct support.

If you sleep on your side

Use an anchoring pillow between your legs, and one that you can hug. This will help to keep your spine straight when you sleep on your side. Scrunch up your pillow away from your head and put more of the hulls under your neck. Remember, if you feel any pressure anywhere from the pillow as you're getting ready, just use your hand to push the buckwheat away from that area. If the pillow hurts your ear, just dig a little hole for where your ear would be and that will solve the problem perfectly.

If you sleep on your back

Before you lie down on the pillow, you can make a furrow horizontally and that would be where you would put your head. The resulting bump on the bottom would be the part that supports your neck. Alternatively, you could fluff the pillow, lie down on it and move your head around until it naturally conforms to your head. Make sure that the pillow is only supporting your neck and doesn't go under your shoulders as well. If you find that your head is tilting back, then put some extra hulls into the pillow. If your head is tilting forward, then remove some. Ideally, your head shouldn't be tilting forwards or backwards.
Click on this link for more tips for back sleepers:
Happy Sleeping!


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