Do these 5 things to add joy to your life

1. Enjoy your favourite morning beverage. No, take the moment to really enjoy it. Smell it, taste it, and feel it in your mouth.⁠

2. Smile. Did you know that just the act of putting a smile on your face not only makes others feel more positive, but it makes you feel more positive as well?⁠

3. Nap. If you can take a brief nap (10-30 mins), do it! Naps can help:⁠
😴 You relax⁠
😴 Reduce fatigue⁠
😴 Increase alertness⁠
😴 Improve mood, memory, mental function, reaction time⁠

4. Get outdoors no matter the weather, even if it's just for a few minutes. Here are some benefits of being outdoors:⁠
🌲 Lowers blood pressure and reduces stress⁠
🌲 Improves mood⁠
🌲 Improves focus⁠
🌲 Increases physical activity⁠
🌲 Provides access to better air quality⁠

5. Talk with someone you care about. One of the most powerful ways of feeling better is by connecting with someone you care about, so take the time to get in touch with them at least once a day. It could be in person, by phone or even by text.⁠