Freshen Your Pillow with Extra Buckwheat Hulls

Although I take out hulls from my buckwheat pillow, because I tend to sleep on my back and don't need so much support under the curve of my neck, Danny doesn't remove any hulls, because he is more of a side-sleeper. When it comes to a pillow, you truly do need to customize it to suit your exact needs.

Our ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillows arrive packed with more buckwheat hulls than needed for proper support regardless of whether you're a back sleeper or a side-sleeper, but of course, there are those who would like to have a firmer pillow, and now you can. We now offer separately packaged, Ecocert certified, organic Canadian buckwheat hulls. This is the same buckwheat we put in our pillows so you can expect the same quality and chemical-free product! 

Extra hulls can also be used to refreshen your buckwheat pillow. Check them out in our shop, here.

Go wild customizing your pillow, and sleep well!

Mel and Danny

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