Why ComfyComfy Flaxseed Pillows?

What is Flaxseed?

Flaxseeds are 30% flaxseed oil, which remains in the seed even when warmed or cooled many times unlike rice, corn or herbs which can dry out. Once warmed, flaxseeds retain their heat well by releasing heat slowly. If put under a blanket, flaxseed pillows will remain warm for hours.

ComfyComfy Flaxseed Pillows are thoughtfully designed to ensure that the flaxseed don't bunch up at one end or the other. We achieve this by sewing individual pockets to house them in. This guarantees that there is always an even distribution of warmth or coolness no matter how you move your pillow around.


Create a warmth bubble while watching TV, reading, sleeping etc...with our flaxseed pillows and reduce the need to keep the thermostat at a high temperature. Use under a blanket to retain the heat even longer. 

Can be heated and cooled repeatedly for many years of enjoyment.



Handmade Using Organic and Quality Materials

Our pillows are filled with Ecocert certified organically grown flaxseeds. 

We have tried cotton, fleece, flannel and minky fabric as the case for our pillows, and have found that minky provides the nicest touch to the skin and is the most durable. Minky is a super soft, plush micro-fabric that is often used for baby blankets and clothing.

Canadian grown, filled, and packaged. Support Canadian farmers and businesses, and get your flaxseed neck wrap here!


Hello Margaret,
Wow, 20 years is a long time!
As long as the fabric is still intact and it’s still heating up properly, then it should be just fine!

ComfyComfy Canada July 01, 2018

How long will these flax-filled pillows last? I got a flax seed pillow 20 years ago and have recently wondered if I have kept it too long.

MARGARET PEACE January 24, 2017

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