Sleeping On Your Side

Claire from our sister site, ComfyComfy, gives some tips for side-sleepers:

Many people sleep on their side. Here are a few things for side-sleepers to consider to get a good nights sleep:

Do your neck and shoulders get enough support while sleeping? If your shoulder feels crunched or sore in the morning, your pillow might not be offering enough support to fill the space between your head and the side of your shoulder. In this case, a firmer pillow may solve the problem. If you use a buckwheat hull pillow, try shifting the hulls within the pillow to a more suitable and body conforming location, or add more hulls to your pillow. 


Is your spine properly aligned? Keeping your spine straight while sleeping will help reduce back and neck pain. When sleeping on your side, slip a regular bed pillow or buckwheat pillow between your knees. This will elevate your hips and reduce stress on your spine. 


Check out our ComfyNeck organic buckwheat hull pillow that's designed with side-sleepers in mind or our ComfySleep Classic Plus for those who sleep on both their backs and on their sides.


Happy Sleeping, Side-Sleepers!

Mel and Danny


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ComfyComfyCanada September 04, 2014

I’ve always wanted to try a buckwheat pillow but sleep on my side. I’m glad to know that they can offer sufficient support for side sleepers. This pillow will go on my christmas list ;)

Mtl Maman September 02, 2014

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