Is a Buckwheat Hull Pillow Comfortable?

Squishy marshmallows are great for making s'mores, but not so great for sleeping on.
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First, Why Soft As A Marshmallow Isn't Ergonomic

The traditional idea of being comfortable is to sit or lie down on something that is soft like a cloud. However, when you sit or lie on something that is so soft that it doesn't give you any kind of support, then this is bad news for your posture. As you sink into a squishy pillow, your muscles are forced to tense up and support your body. Eventually, this continued stress will develop into pain on certain parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders, and lower back.

How Can a Buckwheat Pillow be Comfortable When it Doesn't Bounce Back and Isn't Squishy?

A buckwheat pillow is comfortable because it gives in the places that need it, and it supports in the places that need support. There is no pre-cut shape that you have to fit into such as a memory foam mattress, and it won't collapse under the weight of your head like a feather or cotton filled pillow. A buckwheat pillow is completely shapable. After you lie down, if you feel the pillow is too high anywhere and making you feel uncomfortable, simply push the hulls away from that area. If you need more support, such as under your neck, simply push more buckwheat hulls into that area. Yes, it takes a little adjustment before sleeping every night, but once you know the process, it's very easy and you'll be sleeping well every night, and feeling refreshed and pain-free in the morning!


How Do I Know if a Buckwheat Pillow is Right for Me?

Just like you can't know if a mattress is right for you by just touching it with your hands, the same applies for a pillow. Without lying down on one and trying it out, you won't be able to tell if it's giving you the proper support that you need, and that may be why many people end up with pillows that are unsuited for them. At ComfyComfy Canada, we have a 30 day money-back guarantee so that you can really try the pillow out for yourself. Play around with it, adjust it to suit your needs, sleep on it for 30 days, and see if this is the perfect pillow for you! Many people are intrigued by a buckwheat pillow, but decide that they could never sleep on one just based on touching it with their hands, but a pillow isn't for your hands! It's for your head, and a lot of customers have expressed that they would have never thought that a buckwheat pillow would be comfortable, but after lying down and sleeping on one, they are proven wrong. In fact, a lot of people who switch to sleeping on buckwheat pillows, never go back and wish they had converted earlier!

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