3 Ways Your ComfyMama Pillow Grows With You


1. Use as a body support pillow while pregnant.

Put it between the legs to keep the body aligned while sleeping on the side.

For those who are used to sleeping on their backs, placing the pillow behind the back while on a side-lying position will allow you to relax your body as if you're lying on your back while being kept on the side-lying position by the Mama pillow.

2. Use as a nursing pillow when baby is born.

The ComfyMama allows for moldability and adjustment of the level of fill so that you can position the pillow exactly where you need support. The ComfyMama conforms to you and your baby's body shape and not the other way around. Other nursing pillows which don't allow for adjustability often don't offer enough support either because they don't come up high enough or they leave a gap between mama and baby. Since the user has to adapt to these other pillows, mama may need to get into position in order to use the pillow that isn't comfortable (which defeats the whole purpose of a nursing pillow!)

It can also be used during tummy time and when baby is ready to sit, it can be placed behind them as a bolster.

3. Use as a body support pillow or a sleeping pillow when baby no longer nurses.

Sweet dreams!


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