Holiday Gift Guide

Not sure what to gift your loved one this holiday season?
How about something they'll use year-round to keep them comfy?
Here are some ideas from our shop:

1. ComfySleep Pillow

Our ComfySleep pillow in the Classic Plus size is our most popular pillow. It is the perfect size...not too big and not too small. It provides the best support for those who sleep on both their backs and sides.

2. ComfyNeck Cylindrical Pillow

Our ComfyNeck Cylindrical pillow provides the best support for those who sleep exclusively on either their backs or their sides. Remove or add the exact amount of hulls to create the most comfortable pillow for the way you sleep every night. The cylindrical shape is more compact than the rectangular shape, so it doesn't allow for too much movement of the hulls and is able to retain it's shape better.

3. ComfyTravel

Does your loved one already have a buckwheat pillow and love it? A lot of people complain about not being able to sleep well when travelling, waking up tired with no energy to do all the things that they want to do while on vacation. Gift them a travel-sized buckwheat pillow so they never have to sleep without the comfort and support that they are used to. 

4. ComfyTherapy Heat Wrap

Keep your loved one cozy and warm, and pamper them with a luxurious and stylish heat wrap. As they drape the wrap on their neck or any part of their body, their tension and stress will melt away, which is something they will thank you for! Also perfect for warming up after being outside in the cold or staying warm while watching TV or using the computer.

5. Zafu Meditation Cushions


Our Zafu cushions are perfect for those moments when your loved one needs to get their zen on. Meditation and mindfulness can be a great help in reducing stress. When the cushion isn't being used for meditating, it is a great seating alternative especially if you have limited space (condo living), have pets or have little ones who love playing on the floor!


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