Holiday Gift Guide 2022

Not sure what to gift your loved one this holiday season?
How about something they'll use year-round to keep them comfy?
Here are some ideas from our shop:

For those who deserve a luxury treat

Weighted Therapy Wrap (hot/cold)

Keep your loved one cozy and warm, and pamper them with a luxurious and stylish heat wrap. As they drape the wrap on their neck or any part of their body, their tension and stress will melt away, which is something they will thank you for! Also perfect for warming up after being outside in the cold or staying warm while watching TV or using the computer.

Many people who have poor circulation due to illness or old age love to use this to keep them warm and to help them fall asleep at night.

For anybody who needs better sleep

ComfySleep Pillow - The original organic buckwheat pillow

The Classic Plus size is our most popular pillow. It is the perfect size...not too big and not too small. It provides the best support for those who sleep on both their backs and sides.

Stomach sleepers love the Traditional size as it can be made flatter without losing support.

For anybody who wants elevated sleep with improved features

The Contour Pillow - An upgrade of the original

With all the benefits of the ComfySleep pillow, the Contour pillow is perfect for all kinds of sleepers, multi-positional sleepers, or for those who want a less firm pillow than the cylindrical styles. It's easier to adjust than the ComfySleep, and locks the hulls into place better so they don't shift too much during the night, allowing for a night of sweet dreams.

For side sleepers

The Side Sleeper Pillow

The Side Sleeper pillow provides the best support for those who sleep exclusively on their sides. Remove or add the exact amount of hulls to create the most comfortable pillow for side sleeping. The cylindrical shape is more compact than the rectangular shape, so it doesn't allow for too much movement of the hulls and is able to retain it's height better.

For the back sleeper

The Back Sleeper Pillow

The Back Sleeper pillow is specifically designed to support the needs of a back sleeper. The cylindrical shape comfortably cradles the neck, and the lower height is perfect for supporting the slight curve at the back of the neck. The cylindrical shape also prevents the hulls from shifting too much during sleep. Once you form the hulls into the correct position for your body, your head and neck will be kept in an ergonomic position.

For those who want complete body support

The Body Support Pillow

Did you know that propping yourself with a body support pillow helps to align the rest of your body so that your entire body can relax and repair while sleeping?

When you sleep on your side, your upper arm will drop forward, pulling your upper body downwards and causing strain in your upper back. By resting your arm on a pillow, your arm doesn't fall forward and your upper back won't be strained.

The same thing goes with your lower back. If your upper leg isn't supported, then it falls downwards, putting strain on your lower back. Putting the support pillow between the knees prevents this from happening.

For back sleepers, placing the body support pillow under the back of your knees reduces stress and strain on your lower back.

For the wanderlust

The Travel Pillow


A lot of people complain about not being able to sleep well when traveling, and waking up tired with no energy to do all the things that they want to do while on vacation. The problem is that often times, hotel pillows do not give them the proper support for comfy sleep.

Gift them a travel-sized buckwheat pillow so they never have to sleep without comfort and support.

For the yoga/mediation lover

Zafu Meditation Cushions

Our Zafu cushions are perfect for those moments when your loved one needs to get their zen on. Meditation and mindfulness can be a great help in reducing stress. When the cushion isn't being used for meditating, it is a great seating alternative especially if you have limited space (condo living), have pets or have little ones who love playing on the floor! 

For the expecting/new mama

ComfyMama Nursing and Pregnancy Pillow

The ComfyMama pillow is a bigger and longer version of our cylindrical neck pillow. This pillow is truly transformative and unlike many baby products which are grown out of quickly, can be used for years to come.

There are 3 ways to use the ComfyMama pillow:

1. During pregnancy as a body pillow or a back support pillow.
2. As a nursing pillow, and as a bolster when baby is doing tummy time or learning to sit.
3. When baby no longer nurses, as a sleeping pillow or a body pillow.

For the toddler

The Toddler Pillow


Although kids may not have the aches and pains as adults do, it's important to start getting them sleeping in a position that keeps their spine aligned so that future issues do not arise.

Our Toddler pillow is the perfect size for young ones ages 2 and up, and our ComfySleep Traditional pillow is great for those 7 and up or toddlers who prefer a bigger pillow. 

Because our pillows are adjustable, you can be sure that the height will fit your child regardless of which pillow you choose.

Just always be sure to adjust it properly so that their necks are not strained upwards or downwards.

For those who experience back pain while sitting

The Lumbar Pillow

The Lumbar Pillow is the perfect pillow to keep you supported while sitting. Whether you're working from home, driving a car, at the dinner table or lounging on the couch, place our moldable and supportive lumbar pillow on your back to support your spine and prevent slouching. Your body, especially your back, will thank you.

Unlike ergonomic chairs or backrests that have a pre-molded bump, which may not fit all users, our buckwheat hull filled lumbar pillow can be shaped perfectly, and moved higher or lower on the back to provide the most comfortable support for you.

For the child who can't fall asleep

The Heart Warmer

Our natural heat pads provide soothing warmth with a bit of weight, so that little ones feel like they are being snuggled in a nice comforting warm hug.

Tuck the Heart Warmer into bed with your little one and let them know that your love will keep them warm and help them fall asleep.


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