How to know if your buckwheat pillow is filled correctly

Making sure your buckwheat pillow is filled correctly is crucial to getting the proper support and sleeping well. That's why ComfySleep pillows have a zipper and include extra hulls to allow for adjustment of the pillows. ComfyNeck and other cylindrical pillows do not come with extra hulls, but are already filled to the brim. However, you can open the zipper and remove some hulls if needed.

Here are some ways to check that your pillow is filled correctly:

1.  It's moldable, yet the supporting bump under your neck locks into place when pressure from your head is exerted onto the pillow when you lie down on it.

2. Not enough hulls create excess fabric on the sides which doesn't allow the pillow to lock into place.

3. An overfilled pillow will be very firm and you won't be able to mold it properly.


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