Our ComfyRound Large Zafu/Floor Cushions Are Featured in Maturing Mama

"My girls love curling up on the Zafu Meditation Cushion for a nap. Their dad lays on it while watching TV so he can be closer to them."
- Chanelle, founder of blog Maturing Mama

As a family with young kids every piece of furniture has to be multifunctional to suit the kids’ need to play, be creative and comfortable.

To my kids, the couch is not the only area of the living room to get comfortable on. The floor is their ideal play area, nap area and even dinner table. It’s why I found the comfiest carpet for it.

Floor cushions are ideal for this reason. A floor cushion is better suited to hold up to their wild behaviour than the couch cushions.



Ready to try the ComfyRound Large Zafu/Floor Cushion for yourself?

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