Introducing the ComfyMama 3-in-1 Organic Buckwheat Hull Pillow

When I was pregnant for the first time in 2017, I was so grateful that we had a pillow business, because as my tummy got bigger and bigger, I needed so many throughout my pregnancy to help me feel comfortable lying in bed.

This was especially difficult for me as I am a back sleeper, and as my stomach grew, I had to adjust to sleeping on my side which took some getting used to. I found that putting one of our cylindrical pillows behind my back as I slept helped me because I could lie down on my back while being tilted a bit forward so that I wasn't lying completely flat on my back. After discovering this, my sleep improved so much as many pregnant woman will tell you, getting quality sleep is not easy to come by!

This discovery led us to create our ComfyMama pillow which is a bigger and longer version of our cylindrical neck pillow. This pillow is truly transformative and unlike many baby products which are grown out of quickly, can be used for years to come. It can be used by Mama while pregnant as a body pillow, a back support pillow (for those who are used to sleeping on their backs,) and when baby is born, as a nursing pillow. When baby no longer nurses, it can be used as a sleeping pillow or a body pillow! This is one pillow that you will enjoy for many years.

The buckwheat filling allows for superior comfort as it offers moldable support for Mama as she's growing a little human and later for baby as you can adjust the height and create a perfect little nest for baby to lie in as you nurse her.

Our ComfyMama pillow is 100% organic (minus the zipper.) The organic hulls are sourced in Canada while the organic casing is made from our ComfyWeave cotton, which is milled and woven in the USA. The organic pillowcase is milled, woven and printed in India.

We are really proud and excited to introduce our ComfyMama pillow and hope that you and your baby will enjoy using it.

Sleep well and be healthy,



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