As Seen on Cityline - ComfySleep Buckwheat Pillow

We are so proud and excited to announce that our ComfySleep buckwheat pillow was featured on Cityline last Thursday morning. Designer Stacy McLennan talked about how to stay cool indoors in the summer and talks about how our ComfySleep buckwheat pillow can help with that.

What is Cityline?

Cityline is a daytime talk show for women where host Tracy Moore has been engaging audiences with her charisma and enthusiasm since 2008. Every day, a new theme is introduced and expert guests such as celebrity chefs, interior designers and other experts are invited on set to inform and to give tips about topics ranging from food and entertaining to decor, fashion and beauty to home and gardening.

So, what did they say?

Watch here:

 Or for a quick summary, read on!

Stacy talks about how the shape of buckwheat hulls allow heat and moisture to go right through so that the buckwheat pillow stays nice and cool throughout the night, eliminating the need to flip it in the middle of the night.

She then talks about how ComfyComfy includes extra hulls with the ComfySleep pillow so that you can add more hulls to the pillow or remove them so that you can adjust the pillow to conform to your body.

Tracy then goes on to say how she's never heard of buckwheat hull as a filling for pillows and jokingly says how it looks like chocolate nibs. She is intrigued and asks if it is crunchy.

Stacy says that is isn't and hands Tracy the buckwheat pillow. Tracy says that it's like a beanbag chair, and Stacy agrees adding that you're going to get great sleep because your head and neck are going to be supported.

Tracy then jokingly replies, "But don't eat it."

What a fun segment it was to watch!

Thank you for featuring us, Cityline!


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