Why Your Buckwheat Pillow Isn't Filled All The Way Up

A buckwheat pillow is a completely different kind of pillow than what we are used to. Instead of being soft and fluffy, it is firm and moldable. Instead of light and puffy, it's weighty and supportive. And instead of being filled to the brim with stuffing, it's only filled about halfway or more. Why is that?

It is because room needs to be left in a pillow filled with buckwheat hulls to allow for the hulls to shift and mold to the neck and head. When you lie down on a buckwheat pillow, the hulls do not compress like how a pillow filled with cotton, down, foam etc...does. Instead, the hulls move around within the pillow to allow you to shape the pillow for perfect support where you need it. Push more of the hulls under the neck, and move the hulls away from any area where you feel like the pillow is making you uncomfortable. If the pillow were filled to the brim, there would be no room for movement and it would feel as hard as a rock.

The way a buckwheat pillow works is that the hulls freely shift around, but once you lay down on it, the pressure exerted from the head pushes the hulls outwards towards the edges of the casing and because they cannot move any further, they "lock" into place. However, when you get up or move around, the pressure is removed and so, the hulls are able to shift around again.

And that is why a buckwheat pillow is never filled to the brim!

If you find that the hulls don't "lock" into place after laying your head on it, then it could be that there aren't enough hulls in your pillow, and that is why ComfyComfy Canada includes extra hulls with our ComfySleep pillows. While many people find the preset amount of hulls already in the pillow ideal for a great night's sleep, some may need to add more hulls and others may need to remove hulls to perfectly customize the pillow to fit their body.


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