Hello, Side Sleepers. We Have A Pillow Just For You!

We are pleased to announce that our ComfyNeck Cervical Neck Roll Pillow has finally arrived in Canada.

The ComfyNeck pillow provides additional loft and support, which makes it ideal for side sleepers. The natural cotton case includes a hidden zipper, which allows for easy height adjustment. Each ComfyNeck pillow includes a fitted cylindrical pillowcase. It comes in two sizes, large for every day use and travel size.

The travel size is also great for back sleepers. Just remove a few cup full of hulls to make it more appropriate for sleeping on the back. We recently went camping, and I took my travel size ComfyNeck with a lot of the buckwheat removed (I'm a back sleeper) -- I slept like a baby!

The ComfyNeck pillows are also great used as bolsters (I use it on top of my ComfySleep to keep my back supported when I read or use my phone), as a wedge for your lower back while sitting, between the legs while sleeping to keep the back aligned or as a leg prop while sleeping. 


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